Welcome to the Fall 2014 semester!

Moodle Announcements

11/17/14 - ATTENTION ALL HY AND NT STUDENTS - Please complete an evaluation for each HY and NT course you are taking this semester. Your feedback is important so that we can continue to improve our online instruction. Results are anonymous and must be completed by Dec 1, 2014.


If you are taking multiple HY and NT courses, then you will need to complete the survey multiple times.

Thank you for your participation.

8/18/14 - Student Moodle passwords are now the same as Student Email and WebAdvisor passwords. All students should use the password formula below.


  • First letter of first name
  • First letter of last name
  • Last four digits of WCC Student ID #
    • Example: John Smith, 1234567
    • Username: js4567


  • Uppercase first letter of last name
  • Lowercase second letter of last name
  • 6 digit birthdate
    • Example: John Smith, 1/2/1980
    • Password: Sm010280