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Moodle Announcements

8/19/14 - Student Moodle accounts were fully integrated with the Student Email and WebAdvisor username and password system at 4:00 p.m. today. This was necessary to resolve Moodle password issues.

If you were able to login to Moodle prior to this time, but cannot login to Moodle now, try the following:

Option 1 - try using the same password you currently use for Student Email and WebAdvisor.

Option 2 - Try using the new naming convention for usernames and passwords (see below).

Option 3 - Reset your password by click the "Lost Password" link in Moodle, or the "Can't Log in" link in Student Email, or the "Change my Password" link in WebAdvisor. This will allow you to reset your password in ALL three systems to be the same thing.

8/15/14 - Student Moodle passwords are now the same as Student Email and WebAdvisor passwords. New students should use the password formula below.


First letter of first name
First letter of last name
Last 4 of WCC Student ID #

Example: John Smith, SID#1234567

Username: js4567

Initial Password:

Uppercase first letter of last name
Lowercase second letter of last name
6 digit birth date

Example: John Smith, 1/2/1970

Password: Sm010270